Summer Travel & on Site locations

At Vagabond Photography we are known as a on location photography company. If there is something we love to do whether it be with work or personal time, its travel. Traveling and scouting for new locations is something we just like to do in our free time when we are not working on photo shoots, editing or that dreaded thing called paperwork. Over the years the great thing we found out about traveling to a location is you don’t necessarily have to go far to feel like your half a world away from your daily responsibilities.

This is something we also like to work into our photography sessions as well. When talking with our clients we like to get a feel for who they are where they like to travel to and relax and play. Especially if it is some place close by in Wisconsin and we can find a way to work it into our clients session for their senior portraits, engagement session, family shoots or something that is just for fun.

Below is a few of our favorite places we like to work at during our photo sessions. In the comment section below we would really like to hear some place in Wisconsin or anywhere that you would like to have a photo session at.

Spring is here, finally and hopefully summer is not too far off which means some of our favorite locations are about to be usable again. Which means we can finally start photographing on and around Wisconsin many lakes are waterways. We love Lake Michigan beaches on the western shores because they are great for sunrise photos especially if you go just north of Milwaukee. We also have Lake Geneva with is beautiful shores and nice small town which is best if you shoot a session there before memorial day or after labor day before all the school gets out or midweek during the summer months. Also we have the Wisconsin River between Steven Point and the Wisconsin Dells the rock formations along many stretch of this beautiful river.

As for urban areas we really enjoy working in and around the greater Milwaukee area. We like to work around Discovery World, Riverwalk, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the historic third ward. Now we understand there may be some concerns with all the reports of violence over the past year in Milwaukee but we can assure you that we work in safe and secure areas.

We also like to spend our time in nature and in southern Wisconsin we really like to spend time in and around the Kettle Moraine State Parks, the trails around the ATV routes around Black River Falls.
In the Kettle Moraine we really like to use Paradise Springs Park just North and West of Eagle. It’s a great place because of its streams, old bath house and large prairie land across from the parking lot. Pewits Nest around Baraboo and the Wisconsin Dells is another great place that we love to use as a shoot location its tall water carved walls give great texture and depth to pictures.

Those are just some of the areas we like to work on with our sessions. We would love to hear from your our friends and perspective clients on plaice you like to travel to and some places that you would love to do a photo shoot.

Have a great weekend it’s finally supposed to be nice out in Wisconsin.

Magmod Product Review


Complete-Kit-632898983Back in January while at ImagingUSA I was introduced to a company call Magmod. They are a company that produces light modifiers for hot shoe flashes.

Magmod has a great concept that use magnets embedded in a thick rubber band (Mag Grip) that attaches to your flash head to make it easier to switch out the different modifiers needed on a regular basis.  Currently they offer several different attachments from snoots, grids, spheres, bounces and a few different sets of gels. With a new product called a Mag Beam in development.

I have purchases and used for Vagabond Photography the snoots, grids, gels and sphere. When I first started to use them I noticed the Mag Grips seemed tight on my Nikon SB-800s and I did have a slight fear that it might somehow damage the flash head. My fears were unfounded before putting them on I stretched them out a little and have had no issues. They have been attached for two months with no issues. As I stated they do fit quite snug which is a good thing cause when you a moving around the flash head one does not want them to slide off or back causing the modifier to fall off.

Each attachment that I have bought does have the ability to place a gel card into each unit. This is a big money saver, by not having to buy a separate Mag Gel 2 kit if you want to run a gelled light on more than one flash head.

The snoot is also very versatile by being able to change the distance from the flash head one can change how broad the light striking the subject is. It is also very useful in hair lighting when you are trying to pop ones subject out from the background.

The only slight down side I have found is the Mag Grip does add about ½ to ¾ of an inch to the left and right side of the flash head which being used in conjunction with my traveling soft box(SDMV Diffuser) makes it hard to fit though the hole in the back of the soft box.

In the past I have used grids and gels that use a velcro and heavy cloth to hold in their grids and gels to the flash head. The problem here was over time the vibration and movement would cause them to fall off and slow our sessions down. After dealing with this issue though two other companies I decided the switch to Magmod was and has been the correct choice.

I cannot recommend this company enough, if you have the time check them out and take the time to use and get to know their product line.

*Please note that we at Vagabond Photography has in no way been paid or sponsored to give reviews about products or companies read in our blog postings.